Sturgis 2022,Sturgis Bike Week 2022

Sturgis Bike Week 2022

Sturgis Bike Week 2022. Once again, the annual pilgrimage to Sturgis Bike Week events in South Dakota has begun. Like a giant migration, the flock of motorcycle enthusiast are moving from all directions to Sturgis Bike Week 2022.

The largest motorcycle event held in the United States year after year. For that 10-day period yearly in August, Sturgis and the surrounding cities become the epicenter for all things motorcycle. Rock Bands and top tier entertainment attract concert goers every day.

Organized riding events to the many historical landmarks in Sturgis are a constant reminder to be aware of motorcycle riders, around every mountainous curve. Changes in weather are always apparent, especially in the elevations and the Black Hills. Be prepared for all types of weather in any one 24 hr. period.

Some Say, This event is kind of like “The Woodstock of Biker Rally’s” If you have not been, you might add it to your bucket list. It’s not the place to go learn to ride a motorcycle if you’re a first-time rider. Even experienced riders can’t take anything for granted. During this 10-day event, motorcyclists can be seriously injured, or killed as a result of motorcycle accidents.

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