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101st Airborne Ring.  Established in 1942, the United States Army’s elite Airborne Division, started down its historical path.  From hard-fought campaigns throughout Europe during World War II, Vietnam, and more recently the mid-east deserts, the elite 101st Airborne has handled the challenges faced by opposing forces.

During operations In Iraq, an Infantry unit acting on intelligence, located the two sons of Sadman Hussein. Here is a link to the end result of that encounter.   Killing of Qusay and Uday Hussein – Wikipedia

The 101st Airborne Division, now the United States Army’s only Air Assault Division is located at Fort Campbell Ky.  It’s a soldier’s train consistently to be ready to deploy for any mission, any time, and anywhere. The 10st Airborne Ring is offered by Biker Jewels as a tribute to the men and women that are serving or have served this historical elite unit.

Manufactured with 316L Stainless Steel and displaying the American Bald Eagle known as the mascot of the 101st Screaming Eagle’s, this 101st Airborne Ring is a collectible you’ll cherish for years to come. Ring available in sizes 9 thru 15.  Get yours today while supplies last!

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