Awesome Shackle Bracelet. 316L Stainless Steel


  • 316L High Polished Stainless Steel
  • Shackle Bracelet
  • Blue Stone depicts open and closing location.
Shackle Bracelet
Shackle Bracelet

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Awesome Shackle Bracelet. Our awesome looking shackle bracelet is a smaller version of shackle used on boats to secure cargo and tie downs. The blue synthetic stone that’s shown in the pic, is a location reminder of the opening and closing link in the bracelet.  Manufactured as an all-high polished stainless steel working shackle bracelet.

Shackles are an essential tool for longshoremen when lifting and tying loads onto ships. They are typically made of steel and come in various sizes and types, including bow, D, and twisted shackles.

Bow shackles are used to anchor the load while D shackles are used to attach ropes or chains, and twisted shackles are best suited for heavy loads. Longshoremen must choose the right shackle based on the weight of the load and the type of cargo being lifted.

Proper use and maintenance of shackles are also important to ensure safe lifting practices. Longshoremen must regularly inspect shackles for damage, such as cracks or deformities, and replace them as necessary. Shackles are a crucial component in the safe and efficient loading and unloading of cargo.

Our always popular, at our Biker Rally’s.  The highly polished finish is booth attractive and comfortable to wear.   Heavy Duty, open link, and manufactured from 316L Stainless Steel.  316 low carbon steel is commonly used in the manufacturing of surgical tools and appliances.

This all-steel bracelet is crafted to last for decades.  In addition to this shackle bracelet, you will see that we have a great selection of all kinds of stainless-steel jewelry. Lots of Bike Chain Bracelets in stock in all types of colors and sizes.

We carry many products such as: Skull and non-Skull Rings, Chains, Pendants, Earrings, Ladies Bracelets, Ladies Necklaces, Leather Goods, and more.  Lastly, we have established relationships with manufactures from all over the world.

As such, we are high volume buyers, this allows us to sell ONLY the best 316L Stainless Steel to you, our customer.  We certainly appreciate your shopping with us and hope to see you at a Rally along our travels.

Shackle Bracelet
Awesome Shackle Bracelet






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