White Angel Wing Necklace


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Availability: 2 in stock

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This White Angel Wing Necklace also has a skull accent with crystals as well. This necklace is stunning and will become a favorite to wear on many occasions.  A great Ladie’s necklace offered and sold by Biker Jewels online. The stainless-steel angel wings are finished in White, with stunning crystals.  The White Angel Wing necklace chain will accommodate most or can be adjusted to your specifications.  We also carry a very nice selection of men’s or ladies’ chains in various options, with or without pendants.  While your here, check out all our other Biker Jewelry.  Don’t be fooled by our low prices.  We are volume buyers as such, we buy from all over the world.  Our high volume buying gets us lower cost. That allows us to pass tremendous savings on to our customers.  This allows you to shop and save at Biker Jewels.

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